Saturday, 20 April 2013

Minnion Bumps Into His Boss On The Stairs

Another brief glimpse into the world of Michael Minnion, radio show host.

He bumps into his boss on the stairs. His boss is engrossed with his brain training DS game.

Michael: (cheery) Morning.

Boss: Um?

Michael: Spring's on the way.

Boss:  Really, do we have that any more?

Michael: It may not seem like Spring but...

Boss: They should rename the seasons Wet and Dry. And More Wet. Have three instead of six.

Michael: Six? Actually...

Boss: Seriously this is a good idea. We should do a phone-in. Who does the phone in?

Michael: Uh...I do.

Boss: Really? How did that happen? Ok, well, we can change that.

Michael: You want me to do a phone in on re-naming the seasons?

Boss: No, of course not.

Michael: That would be a pretty stupid...

Boss: Not you. We could get someone with...gravitas, someone who can empathize with a listeners who's up to his knees in water.

Michael: We've been talking to those people for months. Some sad stories.

Boss:  I'm not talking about sad stories. You need to be more upbeat with these people, don't let them come on and whine. I hate whiners.

Michael: They've lost all their possessions, some have no insurance.

Boss: Encourage them to sing, do a limmerick.

Michael: About being flooded.

Boss: Get them to Tweet it. In fact get everyone to tweet, what is this phone thing anymore. We don't live in the 15th century. Phones are so 15th century.

Michael: Actually...

Boss: Tell them we have a prize, a yacht, money.

Michael: There's a prize for the best limmerick about being flooded?

Boss: Yes, yes. Just say that.

Michael: But that's misrepresentation.

Boss: (looks into Minnion's soul) Do you always wear jeans?

Michael: yeah, most days.

Boss: Don't.

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  1. I have had bosses like this in both the Army and Police ... I found the way to deal with them was smile, say 'Yes' then carry on exactly as I had already decided, then deny ever having spoken to him ... worked most of the time too.